It is no doubt that the best store of wealth today is property. Property owners worldwide have in common one sense of focus which is in the value of property they possess or want to possess. Every property has its own value proposition based on some factors which ranges from the economic, structural, policies, geology and personal parameters etc. These can further help any property investor to forecast the value of any property of interest. They are:

  1. LOCATION: Location plays a vital role in the value of any given property. You can’t compare the value of a property on a major street in an urban town to that of a major street in the rural town. The difference is clear because the value proposition of the property in the urban town surpasses that in the rural town. People are ready to pay more to get properties in the urban setup than the rural setup.
  2. MARKET: Any property close to any major market is an investor’s gold mine. The lots of property owners and investors are business men and women who want to live close to their business environment and such property whether for sale or rental has a lot of value placed on it.
  3. CONDITION: When we talk of condition, we talk of stress free bureaucracies associated with the procurement of real estate in some areas of interest. If the procession of getting property in an area is burden free, people tend to invest more in that area.
  4. NEIGHBORHOOD: People want a serene environment to invest and live in so they are ready to add more value for a property with neighbourhood security. That is why in Brickwall Global Investment Ltd, we work at providing enabling environment for our investors to have a serene environment to live in like Green Gate VIP Estates and May Flower Garden Estates.
  5. AGE: The age of a property matters a lot as a property that is over twenty years will not be calculated in appreciation but as a cost to the buyer who will have in mind to demolish and rebuild. Except the investor is buoyant enough to afford such he or she may as well pry for other options of a recently built property.

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