The History…

OSHODI as it is constituted and recognised by many people today is
nothing but a large expanse of land, mainly a market place where you can
buy anything. You can also get to virtually every part of Lagos and
elsewhere from there but it was about 400 years ago that the actual history of Oshodi began.

At that time, slave trade was at its peak and the Dahomey slave raiders
were the most notorious for their near perfect strategy of getting slaves.
Their forays into parts of Yorubaland soon got to the ancient town of
Igbesa in present day Ogun State.

The Onigbesa at that time, soon got wind of an impending Dahomey
invasion which was not only coming to raid his town but was also coming
for his crown. To avoid this, he left Igbesa with his chiefs, family
and town’s people for a thick bush near Lagos.

Having made sure he was well out of the reach of the Dahomey invaders he
settled at a site around the place now known as Oshodi. With time he
got to know about a fierce Nupe warrior who guards the Oba of Lagos and the entire territorial boundary. His name was Ashodi commonly known as Osodi Tapa.

The Onigbesa sent for Osodi Tapa to help him against the Dahomey slave
raiders and he agreed. He brought his domestic servants (Arotas) and family members to live where the Onigbesa settled, to guard him. Among the Arotas were Obayomi, Kupoluyi, Ope, Dawodu, Odebisi, Ajenifuja, Mabinuori and Akesode.

For about 50 years the Onigbesa stayed at the site known as Oshodi today free from any form of harassment from slave raiders. After sometime, slave trade was prohibited and he decided to go back to his old domain. Not knowing what he could give to show his gratitude for Oshodi Tapa’s support, he asked him to take over the settlement he had founded, as compensation. This he left for his old town, Igbesa family.

Oshodi Tapa and his Arotas continued to live and farm on this settlement
which was until then not known as Oshodi. It was not until the railway
was built and more people came in, that the name Oshodi stuck.

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