Brickwall Mayflower Garden estates are one of the safest and profitable real ventures in Nigeria that guarantees over a Hundred Percent returns on investment without you being a pro.

Real Estate services like shelter happens to be one of the topmost basic needs of the human race to survive in any geographical region on planet earth.

The need for shelter cannot be overemphasised as it complements the need to feed, the need to clothe and the need for security, hence, if it is a need which is the abstract feeling emanating from the inner mind, the wants which is the physical solution to address or tackle the need is very vital to be considered.

When you can identify the problem the solution becomes inevitable. Shelter is the solution of human need for housing and it is only those who can proffer solutions that can earn the reward or profits of such ventures. The need for adequate housing structures has increased over the years since the age of urbanization, industrialization, ICT, Market economy expansion, etc.

Knowledge about a venture often comes with opportunities and only the prepared are able to harvest form its wealth. This is a time when real estate investment pays in the double and triple and only those who are privy to its resources venture there. The need of shelter can come from individuals or private persons, corporate institutions, business or markets, industries, education etc. hence you can take advantage of these aspects of the real sector to consider investing in.

Land: this is the best aspect of finding appreciation in real estate. Investors purchase an empty land in plots, acres and hectares and wait for the land to appreciate and sell. The appreciation in the land comes from its location or developments projects around it. Building a structure on the land also raises the value of the land further.

Commercial Property: most commercial properties add multiple values because of its locations and demand from people. The most aspect of this investment is concentrating on business district which drives financial companies that are willing to rent or buy properties in these areas.

Residential Properties: as the neighborhood around a home evolves adding transit routes, schools, shopping centers, playgrounds, and many more values, the value of the property adds. Renovating some homes can also spur appreciation and an owner of a property has direct control over this.

Hospitality/Hotel/Hostel: this is one of the most lucrative aspects of real estate in Nigeria; building of a good hotel, guest house, at a very nice location will give you a big boost on your account statement especially when managed properly.

Brickwall Global Investment Ltd is an indigenous real estate company in Nigeria. They own several estates with brand name Mayflower Garden Estates in urban areas in major cities in Nigeria like: Owerri, Asaba, Enugu, Imo, Port Harcourt, Eket, Igbesa, Ogun, Lagos etc. these properties are sold far less than the competition and you can pay in an instalment that is convenient with your pocket. Do give us a try and buy into any of our Mayflower Brands and lets profit together.


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