2017 saw the best of recession in Nigeria and its economy; a situation where there was a dramatic change of wealth from one sector to another. This was an era where wealth and financial change favoured the problem solvers. Every business Nigerian dependant on foreign exchange and import had a problem of slow and low turnover, the manufacturers and producers of such necessary and essential goods had it low because they have to add to price to make profit and the purchase power could not really justify its worth. The bulk of cash became meaningless as little was gotten for more. The sector that suffered the severity most was the civil service because their salaries remained the same and unpaid all through the period. Everybody needed a way out and they can pay more for solutions and that lead to a lot of people being duped or scammed of their available monies.
The value for land, housing, accommodations and other real estate services increased alongside its need being on the essential platform of the basics. Investors on the basic needs like food, water, health, clothing, shelter, transport and hospitality made much more profit because they tend to solve the crisis or problems that arise as a result of such. The real estate sector witnessed a boom all through the period as estates were being developed, new homes were bought, people changed accommodation and huge profit was made. This sector accommodated the lows and the highs of the society because the period brought a change in the mentality of money possession. Frivolities were cut to extinction and project executions were focused on.
Dependencies were greatly disenfranchised which left a lot of poor minded people to crash and those that never wanted to be swept off with the tide, made a turnaround decision for the better.
In as much as the government is interested in the welfare of its citizens, the yearning for structural development cannot be over emphasised. Therefore the Nigerian Government has put various policies in place to assist in the development of the real estate sector of the economy. The vision 2020 “home for all” agenda is still the head factor in all considerations. All parameters point to accommodation and shelter. Therefore, 2017 at its closing saw government policies channelled towards improving the real estate sector in Nigeria.
2018 is here and progressing. All stakeholders are on the mark and ready to take on to invest, develop in the real estate sector and proffer such wanted solutions. Stakeholders like Brickwall Global Investment Limited, your safe and trusted hands in real estate development and services who are proud owners of Igbesa Estates, Green Gate VIP Estates, Santa Florida VIP Estates, Mayflower Garden Estates, Maryland Garden Estate and Brickwall City Estates situated all over Nigeria are here to help you to be that long dreamt land owner or investor with an introduction of instalment convenience that is suiting to the economy of your pockets. Will you rather look elsewhere? You can always reach us on 012902751, 09098099624, 09020890889, mail us on [email protected], also you can do property search with us at www.propertynaija.com.ng

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