Changes in the price of crude oil and the resulting currency devaluation have had a significant impact on the Nigerian economy. With a 70 percent dependency on crude oil for external revenue, the drop in world oil prices is affecting the Nigerian business space.

Brickwall Global Investment Ltd reflects on how the fall in Nigeria’s primary source of income will impact the country’s real estate industry as the majority of real estate projects in the country are government-funded, the devaluation of the Naira may result in less available funding for property development. Whilst commercial hubs and larger cities such as Lagos, Abuja and Port-Harcourt are not expected to suffer due to their diversified economies, hence, the development of new properties across Nigeria is predicted to slow down.
“The Thought for both foreign and domestic investors is how long will this recession last; which is currently too early to tell. The question now is whether the low oil prices are here to stay, or whether they will increase again in 12 months.

While the Nigerian Oil Driven economy is being marginalized presently to its low thereby crippling its fiscal and monetary economy and also bringing to a slug race structural developments, Real Investment like Land has proven its viability. It is an asset that posses the sole principal of appreciation with all times.

That is why Brickwall Global Investment Ltd at what we know how to do better “Proffering property solutions”, has come up with a convenient plan on how to be an investor with the little money at your possession. Currently we have developing locations like Ajah, where we have our Mayflower Gardens Estate, Ikorodu, Igbesa, Asaba and Owerri in Prospect.

Take this advantage, don’t knot your financial progress and freedom on the dictates of the economic recession. Be the wise investor with Brickwall Global Investment Ltd. Your Safe and Trusted Hands.


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